This unique design not only features a unique style chain, but the smokey quartz mini wand, and halo look exemplify the much needed healing and clearing energy. 


Perfect for those claiming 2021 as their year!


Smokey Quartz: Smoky quartz is an excellent crystal to combat electromagnetic smog that comes from cell phones and computers. It also reduces geopathic stresses that come from beneath the earth, especially if the area is disturbed in some way. It removes contaminants of all kinds and replaces them with positivity. Smoky quartz will teach you how to let go of anything that no longer serves. Smoky quartz not only eases the stress you feel, but eases even suicidal depression and banishes fear. If you’re not quite comfortable being in a body as opposed to being in spirit, smoky quartz can allow you to accept incarnation. Since it vibrates with the base chakra which rules the passions, it cleanses it and encourages its energies to flow.


Chain- 14k filled 

It's the Energy for me

$60٫00 سعر عادي
$30٫00سعر البيع