Are you feeling stuck, lost, or lacking the clarity consistency, or accountability to move forward on your healing journey?

 Now introducing the 7 days of clarity challenge where I will lead you through methods that will allow you to reconnect your mind, body, and soul so you can discover your ability to heal past your experiences, find inner peace, and purpose in your daily life. 

Next Session Begins 12/01/21

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Areas of focus:
Chakra Cleansing: Learn how to clear each chakra for elevated, real-time healing.
Mindset Mastery: Learn skills of emotional resilience, and how to consistently pull wisdom from ALL of your experiences.
Elevated Consciousness and Self-awareness:  Learn how to become more confident, brave, and unapologetic through spiritual and self-love rituals.
Spirituality: Learn how to stay connected to source by finding daily ways to stay grounded.

Are the sessions recorded? Yes, Each class is recorded if you cannot make it. You'll have a lifetime access to it
How long are the classes? They are 1.5 hours
What materials do I need? Yourself, a notebook, and an open heart- ready to learn and grow. 
What are the meeting times? 9:30 PM EST
What if I can't make the time commitment? My question to you would be, When have you ever focused on yourself (let alone your spirit self) for 7 days straight? I believe we make time for what is important. If this is important to you, you will act NOW. So often we forget it's the little choices, that make the greatest impact! Cheers to choosing you!

Meet your coach

Ebony M. Tutora is a Holistic practitioner who has spent the last 15 years of her life learning and teaching how to heal, connect with you inner peace, and how to level-up your mindset to attract what you really want. Like many, she came from a chaotic childhood and experienced a life-altering event when she was raped and held hostage at the age of 19. She calls this her "God-moment." This is the exact moment where God began to reveal some deep truths to her about life, healing, and allowing yourself to be graced by the wisdom that "Everything that happens to you, happens FOR you."


Since launching the spiritual wellness brand Queens Recognize Queens®, Ebony has been coaching for over 6 years, and has been featured as a key note, expert speaker, and panelist on healing. She is on a mission to help as many women (and now men) as she can to unlock their hidden potential by breaking down the beliefs, stories, and narratives, that often hold us back the most. Being called into sharing this gift, she now offers Corporate Wellness workshops, Leadership Coaching, Group Coaching, Live meditation experiences, and so much more. Ebony loves sharing her gifts to see where others may be blocked, mixed with her ability to coach others with love, wisdom, and experience. Ebony has been coaching for over 6 years, and has been featured as a key note, expert speaker, and panelist on healing.

As seen in...



Mark, Comic Creator

So I’ve recently reached a comfortable threshold in my personal pursuits but was challenged by co-parenting issues and other things holding me back inside myself. After a talk with Ebony, relating to my troubles but with wisdom and truthful reflections with empathy, transparency and guidance I knew her skills and perspective would help me apply myself more effectively as a professional, wiser father, better man overall.

KINGS Recognize Queens,

Mark “BAYANI” Teodosio

Latasha, RN

Talking to Ebony made me realize that stepping out of my comfort zone is necessary for growth! When talking to her she’s so down to earth and she makes you feel so comfortable that you forget you were uncomfortable in the first place. I say this because a lot of times we want to heal but the uncomfortable part is what prevents us from moving forward, if that’s you like it was me well your on the right page to get connected with this queen who can turn those thoughts all around!

Sheba, CEO, Bottoms Up Services 

Life changing! Eb’s 7 Days of Clarity course is healing on another level... soul touching. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Sue, Freight Logistics Manager

I took a Meditation class at SUNY Broome, Ebony, was the instructor. I found the class so helpful and insightful, I signed up to do one on one instruction with her. When I started the class I was in a very depressed state and thinking of leaving my postion at work. Since working with Ebony, she has been a significant source of support and encouragement. In about 6 months time, I have made some very large transitions. I am no longer depressed, I stayed at my job and not only am I happier I received a promotion. My outlook on life has become much sunnier!! I think Ebony is fabulous and would encourage anyone who is struggling to seek her assistance.